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Read Testimonials

  • 5 Star Overall Rating



    I purchased a 2009 TriGlide from Doerflers Friday, May 11th. I am to pick it up May 15th. My sales person was BJ Rupp, if the entire staff at Doerflers is as professional and courteous as BJ, the Doerflers will be my Harley Deslership for years to come. Thank you BJ for making me feel so comfortable with my purchase!!

    Robert Robinson, Satanta, KS

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    When we went into the dealership we were just looking. We had sold our previous bike a couple of years ago and had finally decided it was time to start looking for another. Upon entering we were greeted with a friendly "Hello.". As we looked around and discussed what we were looking for BJ came over to us and asked us if we had any questions. He offered us a test drive of one of the bikes if we wished. Never at any point were we pressured into doing anything. BJ has an excitement about him that just makes you want to get caught up in the excitement. We took a test drive and we were hooked. We had never owed a Harley before so we were unsure as to what to expect. BJ helped us get what we were looking for. Blair was very helpful and insightful with the financing. The whole process was very quick and non stressful. Even after the sale we have called BJ about a couple of things and he has went out of his way to help us. The whole crew at Doerfler's that helped us from the bike to the helmets were very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you BJ and Blair for making this experience an enjoyable one. Look forward to working with you fellas in the future.

    Monica Hladky, Hays, KS

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    I want to Thank Dustin Service Manager, McCody mechanic, Brian the owner, I was on a road trip and my bike broke down on hiway Brian came picked me up with there trailer within 15 minutes of break down, Unloaded my bike at there shop and immediately started trouble shooting the problem come to find out I bent a valve they ordered the parts that day and parts arrived the next day unfortunately the bike had a warranty so they had to have someone come check out issues plus it was on Labor day weekend they got the approval and immediately put bike back together, I needed to rent a car they took me and picked me up at rental place. I have had Harley motorcycles for a lot of years and have never been treated so well!! just goes to show that Midwest People are different then the rest of the world. Great Shop wish I was closer I would have all my work done there!! I will stop by and say hello every time I go thru Hays.

    Steve Stuckey, Thornton, CO

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    Brian treated me with respect was professional and seemed like it didn't matter if he was sellin me a 6000 dollar bike or 16000 dollar bike. Made me feel appreciated.

    Thanks for bein there,


    don robinson, arapahoe, NE

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    This dealership ROCKS. I traded in a 2000 FLHTCU with over 150K miles on it. Don't get me wrong it still has a lot of miles in her but I felt a need to upgrade. Kyle didn't degrade me or my trade. He didn't lie to me and make it seem like they were going to have to spend a ton of money on it to get it ready for the showroom floor. Fact is it was a well maintained bike with a lot of age and miles on it. The trade was fair. They even swapped out the exhaust on the bike, no extra charge, just part of the deal. I live closer to Wichita and Salina but I will continue to deal with Doerflers.

    Lynn Holderness, Hutchinson, KS

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    Found the 2000 superglide on your website. Blair answered all questions and took care of everything from start to finish. 2nd bike I have purchased from him. No BS. Just honest and fair to work with. Thanks Blair

    Bob Launchbaugh, Beaver City, NE

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    Stopped for a quick visit on Tuesday 6-7-16...Kelsee was very helpful w/all our questions & concerns...Thanks Kelsee! Jami & I appreciate the warm welcome from Doerflers HD in Hays, Kansas on our out west adventure!!!

    Dominic Haskin

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    I have purchased both of my Harleys from Blair at Doerfler's. My first bike I purchased new and wanted to have it painted purple (Harley didn't have purple that year). The dealership went above and beyond to help me get the exact bike I wanted. You just never know when you are doing something out of the ordinary if it will turn out the way you want. But it turned out perfect! Then my 2nd bike, I purchased from Doerfler's used inventory. Blair and BJ in parts worked with me to get the extras I wanted and needed on the bike. I wanted different pipes so that everyone could hear me coming. BJ suggested some great fish tails that I just love! They worked very diligently to get the parts I wanted for the bike in a quick manner so that I was able to take the bike on a trip I had planned for the following weekend! The Doerfler's team is a great Harley team. Kudos to everyone that helps every time you walk through their door. And they do know you by name!!

    Shelley Fox, Larned, KS

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    Bought my very first Harley on March 25th, 2016, and let me tell you, the moment you walk into the door you feel like part of the family and by the time you leave everyone knows you by name! Kyle and the gang are awesome and have gained a long time friend. I would highly recommend Doerflers' to anyone looking for a new bike!

    Brenton Boese, Hoxie, KS

  • 5 Star Overall Rating



    Justin Antrim, Hays, KS

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    Great dealership. Still call BJ in parts and Dustin in service from time to time from Florida. Awesome team at Doerfler's !!!

    Matt Clymer, Fort Myers, FL

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    Brian, Deanna, Blair, Kyle, Kelsi, Dustin, Dustin, BJ and ALL the crew make us feel like we're coming home every time we walk through the front door. How cool is to be on a first name basis with the staff at Americas #1 Harley Davidson Dealership?? The personal attention and customer care we get every time we stop in is almost unheard of at any other Retail Store!

    Larry Jumper, Colby, KS

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    Dear Harley-Davidson, A friend and I, both on Ultra's, decided to take a trip to see the Rocky Mountains. We left Southeastern Pennsylvania and headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico, then headed north through the Rockies and up through Rocky Mountain National Park, then down to Denver and started to head back East. All was going well until I had a flat tire about 20 miles West of Hays, Kansas at about 5:00 PM on a Saturday. I had a tire plug kit and a can of Fix-A-Flat along and found the hole and repaired the tire but after about a mile or two the plug came out and the tire went flat again. I have plugged many car and cycle tires and have never had one that came back out.I have the deluxe package of HOG's Road American roadside assistance, and called them. They called Doerflers' Harley Davidson in Hays, Kansas but no one was there as they closed at 4:00 PM and wouldn't be open again until Tuesday. They also called another dealer with the same results. They said they could tow me 30 miles at no charge and I suggested towing me to the Harley dealer in Hays because they have motels nearby and at least I would be in a town and not standing along I-70, but they said they couldn't tow me to somewhere that was closed. I told them that I would figure something out on my own and would call them if I needed them. My friend had pulled over and was waiting for me at the Hays exit and said there was a Wal-Mart there so I sent him to get a 12 volt air pump while I put in another plug. Each plug only stayed in for a mile or two and after about 4 or 5 times I ran out of plugs and sent my friend back to Wal-Mart for more plugs. It was lightning in the distance while I put the last few plugs in and it was dark by the time we reached the Day's Inn in Hays. The showers started while we were checking in, so we made it just in time. A couple guys stopped while I was putting plugs in to help and told us that if we could get in touch with someone at Doerflers' Harley that they would help me out. I asked at the motel, fast food places and at the gas station. Of all the people I asked, many of them told me of Doerflers' reputation of helping bikers in need even though none of them probably even owned a Harley, but no one knew anyone who worked there. Hays has a truck tire repair company with a 24/7 emergency repair number and my only plan was to call them on Sunday morning and see if they could do anything. I didn't sleep very well that night and around midnight or 1:00 AM I thought that if I called Doerflers' that maybe they would have an option where I could leave a voicemail. They did and I left a message on their service, parts and sales lines. Unknown to me, my wife back in Pennsylvania had emailed the dealership the evening before in the hopes that someone would check and know that I was in town. Sunday morning my friend went over to Doerflers' to check and see if there were any emergency numbers on the door. When he arrived there was a guy dropping some things off in the mailbox who said he know the owner and a couple of guys that worked there and he called and left them messages on their phones. Not long after, I received a call from Blair McPherson, General Manager of Doerflers' Harley Davidson who had read my wife's e-mail and heard my voice mails and even heard from the "mailman" and called to make sure that I was the same person, and that there wasn't more then one person in need of help. I told him that I was the same person and he told me to come to the dealership and someone would be there in about a half an hour to change my tire. I arrived at the shop and was just finishing up taking off my side saddlebags when Service Manager Dustin Cross rode in. He opened the shop and we talked about my ride through the Rockies and Harley motorcycles while he changed my tire. Blair had e-mailed my wife back to let her know that I was being taken care of and that I would be back on the road soon. There was no extra overtime charge or any extra charge for opening the shop on a Sunday morning on their day off. Dustin took my cycle for a test ride around the block to make sure it was ready to go and after a few more "thank you's" and "I owe you guys big time" I was on my way.I have ridden many miles and been though 49 states on my Ultra and this is the first time that I have been stranded on the side of the road. It is a very helpless feeling that is hard to describe to someone who has not been there. I learned that Doerflers' Harley was started by two brothers in 1975 that had a commitment to help riders in need and this passion is still evident in how the dealership is run today. Blair and Dustin took a bad situation and turned it into a positive experience, one that I will gladly share with other bikers when swapping stories on the road. Hopefully one day my travels will again take me through Hays, Kansas, where I look forward to seeing Blair, Dustin and all the good folks at Doerflers' Harley Davidson who I now consider dear friends and will again thank them for their help. John Phipps

    John Phipps, Parkesburg, PA

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    My 2 friends and I were returning home to Canada after a visit to Sturgis and tour of other states. We all needed oil changes and started searching for dealers along our route. We contacted 4 other Harley dealers - 2 said they were too busy to help us until a day or 2 later. The other 2 we left messages with their service departments and they didn't even have the decency to call us back. One of my friends called your dealership and spoke with Dustin Engel who said that if we could head right over, he would fit us in somehow. This was on a Saturday afternoon, no less. When we arrived Dustin appeared to actually be happy to see us and made us feel very comfortable that we would be looked after and be back on the road as soon as possible. In less than an hour and a half, all 3 bikes were serviced and we were back on the road. Outstanding! Thanks Dustin and everyone else who helped out. It's good to know that the Harley reputation for excellent quality and service still exists at some dealerships.

    Don Jemmett

    Don Jemmett, Caledon, ON

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    I have been a friend of Brian Doerfler for well "Lets just say for many years" and all of the staff at Doerflers' have the same attitude that Brian has had for as long as I have known him. It's all about the customers at Doerflers' Harley-Davidson. It's just Awesome to be treated like a "Rock Star" while your at the dealership. I have been to well over 200 Harley-Davidson dealerships throughout the USA and have never found a dealership that caters better to the customer. Anyways I did my bike deal with Kyle Doerfler and it went flawless and appreciate the seamless transaction. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest I would score Doerflers' Harley-Davidson a 11! Highly Recommend!

    Jeff Jarrett, Hays, KS

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    First time Harley buyer. I was very impressed by the staff, especially Rus Ricker, with his expertise and knowledge. They will go out of their way to help you with anything you need. I am very satisfied with my purchase and so is the wife!!!

    Austin Koett, HUTCHINSON, KS

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    On July 22nd, my wife and I were heading back home from our vacation out west. We pulled into Colby, KS to make reservations in Hays for the night, and my rear tire went down. It was about 7PM and the closest dealer, Doerflers, was over 100 miles away. So we got a room in Colby for the night and contacted your service the next morning. Dustin went above and beyond trying to find someone in Colby that could get us back on the road, but to no avail. So he reccomended a reputable tow company and we had the bike towed the 100 miles to Hays. Once we arrived at the dealer, Dustin got us right in and got the tire replaced pronto!! Since we were there we decided to do some shoping and made several clothing purchases. The merchandise staff was just as helpful as the service dept!! While we were there, the sole of my wifes riding boot came apart, the sales associate found a bottle of glue and they were able to get her shoe fixed while we were waiting on the tire. I would like to extend a special "Thsnk You" to everyone that was involved. Because of their dedication and service, we only lost 1/2 a day riding time and still made it home on schedule!! If we are ever back in Hays, KS, we will be stopping in for a visit!!!!!

    David Collier, Kingsland, GA

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    I have came to the Garage Party several times. I enjoy it very much and this year I bought my first motorcycle in 25yrs. I do think that the classes need to be longer. I had brought 3 friends that are looking to buy a motorcycle and they felt rushed. They wanted to sit on more bikes and learn more about the clothes. I know that the ones that have rode for years know all about that, but the newbys would benefit from a little bit longer class. Other than that it was AWESOME! Thank You.



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    Love you guys/girls!!!!

    dena rupp, hays, KS

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    I can't say enough about all the people who work at Doerfler's Harley Davidson except that they are great! From Jeff who was soooo patient while I struggled with which bike to purchase to the girls, Ashley, Kelsey and Kendra helping me choose all the accessories to get me riding safely and in style! And the service department was great when I needed a "fix up" after dropping my bike getting used to it! I'd say Brian and Deanna have got it all TOGETHER!

    Barbara Goodrow, Hays, KS

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    andrea taylor, greensburg, KS

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    I have nothing to say but great things about Doerfler's. They are the friendliest Harley Davidson dealership that I have ever been to. They go above and beyond to help you and make you feel welcome at their store. Plus they are always thinking about rides and promotions to bring fellow Harley riders together.

    Amy Karst, Ness City, KS

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    Me and my family love to come hear. The people are great and the service is outstanding nothing but positive to say about them

    Gene Hedding, Plainville, KS

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    I wanted to send an email to your management expressing my

    gratitude to your Service Dept. On July 26th, myself and a friend were

    heading out west across Kansas and eventually to Sturgis. Not far from

    Hays, my rear tire went down. We contacted your service shop at 4:30PM

    to get the ball rolling on fixing the issue. Unfortunately, a local towing company in Hays misled me as to how quickly they could pick up my

    bike and get it to your location. Stuck on I-70, with your closing time

    of 6PM approaching... I felt helpless. Unbelievably, your Service

    Manager (Dustin)and a couple of your service techs agreed to stay after

    hours. So when I finally arrived at 6:20PM, they were there waiting.

    An hour later, I was back on the road.This was on a Friday night, so lord knows they wanted to leave. But they

    didn't. They remained professional through the whole process.This kind of "above and beyond" service is rare, nowadays... and I will recommend your store to anyone looking for a motorcycle... and especially, looking for service.Larry Dado

    Olathe, KS

    Larry Dado, Olathe, KS

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    I have recentally purchase my first Harley a sweet 2002 Road King Classic, and want to Say Thanks again to all Kyle Sweet bike man we love it and get comments all the time on it. Thanks again Tim and Carrie

    Timothy Haddock, Hays, KS

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    Jim Moore, lees Summit, MO

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    I can not recall another instance where I have been so satisfied. From the sales department to the service department to the sure do excell in customer satisfaction. I purchased a new 2012 Street Bob last September, I didn't even have a class M endorsment at the time, so I couldn't do a test drive. Prior to the purchase of my bike, it had been roughly 20 years since I had even driven a bike, and it wasn't a Harley. Jeff, the salesman who greeted me and ended up selling me my bike, did a wonderful job of answering questions and offering information that I had not thought to ask. He made me feel so comfortable about the bike I was looking at that I never felt one ounce of concern or uncertainty about buying it with out being able to test drive it. What a salesman!!!!!!!!A few weeks later, I had my endorsement and had to return to your dealership to have my drive belt adjusted by your outstanding service department, a friend of mine rode up with me on his Honda and came home on a Harley!!! While I was waiting for him to seal the deal on his bike, I ended up visiting with one of the parts guys, I wish I could remember his name. What I do remember about him though was he was a comical blast to talk to. We laughed and exchanged stories, inbetween his customers, until I was in tears. I felt like I had made a real friend...what a card this fellow was, a true asset to your business.As for my bike, best decision I have ever made....absolutely. I have wanted a Harley Davidson ever since I was a kid and never thought I would be able to. Finally, after some life altering events and realizing life is way to short, I decided it was time. My wife left for Kansas City on a Friday afternoon, I told her I was going to Hays to look at bikes before she left. On Saturday, after buying my bike, I sent my wife a picture of my new Harley introducing her to the newest member of the family....she was shocked to say the least and I was safe, she had one more night in KC before she returned home on Sunday. Upon her return, I learned our daughter really thought it was great that I got my dream finally, I think she must have helped my wife understand how much this meant to me. Upon my wife's arrival home, she displayed excitement to see my bike and complete happiness...boy was I relieved! This bike is very much a part of me, it's therapy, it's cool, it's a blast and it's mine!!! Thank you so much for making my first ever bike buying and riding expercience so fantastic...Sincerely,

    Gerald Hardten


    Gerald Hardten, Great Bend, KS

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    I started having my bike serviced & work on by the service department around 7 years ago. They always were straight up with me. Thanks Guys A+++++ Just bought a new 2013 CVO Road Glide custom, Delt with Brian, Jeff & Kyle on this purchased, they seem just as happy as I was. Overall there just a bunch of good people. I will take my business to Doerflers. Not a bad word here. Thanks Again Guys.

    Wayne Gottschalk, schoenchen, KS

  • 5 Star Overall Rating



    Barry Porter, Little River, KS

  • 5 Star Overall Rating



    Everything about Doeflers Harley Davidson is top of the line. I recommend to everybody looking for a new bike or not to stop in

    And check this place out. I will continue doing business here for

    Years to come

    Derek wendt

    Derek Wendt, Cheyenne wells, CO

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    I recently had a factory recall service done at your dealership. I was treated like I was a valued longtime customer. I was even able to join in and donate blood for the dealership blood drive. What a Grand experience I had! It's not that much farther than North Platte. I should be ding my bike business with Doerfliers in Hays, KS.

    David BlessingDavidB, ElwoodcomE, NE

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    I want to thank the service dept for their outstanding service in finding the problem with my bike . Mc cody found the solution with in minutes and had me back on my way to CA within a half hour for the RFTW

    Kevin Murphy

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    I have been going to this Dealership for years and never had a bad experience. everyone is very helpful and knowledgable in each of their departmentss.

    lance smith, hays, KS

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    Although I have a H-D dealer within 10 miles of my home I choose to travel 184 miles and deal with the great gang at Doerflers' Harley-Davidson. Whether it's Blair in bike sales, BJ in parts ordering me more great equipment or Dustin making sure my ride is treated well in the service department, I can always rely on a terrific experience at Doerflers'. And if you don't presently have a scoot, there are plenty of other reasons to drop in and say 'Hi." It's events like the Chili Cookoff, Garage Party, Pancake Feed and all the other gatherings at the shop that make their past, present and future customers feel like part of the family! Hey, and I love the new website, great work! You're such a killer biker oasis on the plains! Thanks for all of the great service and awesome times over the years.

    Boyd McPherson, Wichita, KS

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    Doerflers' H-D has an amazing assortment of motorclothes. Who would have thought that in the middle of Western Kansas the selection was better than any of my local Dealerships at home! The service department was very timely in getting me in and out and back on the road. If you're traveling I-70 it is worth your stop!

    Kaylee Vasquez, Colorado Springs, CO

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    Good place. LOVED the POPCORN!!!!!!!


  • 5 Star Overall Rating


    One of the best dealerships I've ever been to. All departments made me feel welcomed and helped me with anything I needed. Very orgranized and clean, great selection of riding gear.


  • 5 Star Overall Rating


    I felt very welcomed, one of the friendliest dealerships I've been to! Blair was very easy to talk to and helpful when buying my 2011 StreetBob. The Motorclothes Girls were fun to talk to. I would recommend Doerflers' to everyone!

    Jeremy Pfannenstiel, Kansas City, MO